5 Mistakes To Avoid When Posting Bail

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Posting Bail

Adelanto Bail Bonds

When you’re getting out of jail on a bail bond, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ve hit enough bumps in your road to get where you are. Avoid these 5 mistakes and your bail bond will post immediately with no trouble:

  1. Neglecting consequences of skipping bail. You’re warned that if you don’t show in court, your bail is forfeited, you would be arrested again without the option of bail, and you may face additional consequences. Plus, the cosigner of your bail bond, someone who really loves and cares about you, faces the risk of losing their collateral and paying the full bail amount. The court, police, and bail agency do not kid around on these consequences.
  2. Lying to the court and bail agency. This is verbal lying and lying on paperwork, like writing down a fake address of where you will be living after posting bail. Again, there will be consequences, which the court, police, and bail agency will warn you about.
  3. Thinking you have more time than you actually do to pay off your bail. Don’t put it off. It doesn’t look good on you. There could be consequences if you don’t meet deadlines.
  4. Hiring just any bail agent without doing research. Some bail agencies and agents are just after your money and will not be as helpful, compassionate, respectful, and professional as others. Look at old testimonials, know exactly what services they offer, etc.
  5. Getting arrested again. No further explanation necessary.

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