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Bloomington Bail Bonds Store

Being a bail bondsman at Bloomington Bail Bonds Store is much like being any other professional businessman or woman. This is a real job that requires annual training, a license and certification, and excellent customer service skills.

Our bail agents aren’t your image of a mobster or club bouncer. They don’t wear dark clothes and sunglasses with thick gold chains. They don’t do their job because it’s “the only thing they can do.” They don’t exert force, intimidation, or threats. They don’t shoo people away.

At Bloomington Bail Bonds Store, our bail agents are compassionate, welcoming, sympathetic, and helpful. They’re very approachable and definitely do not turn down any person who needs our help. Our bail agents always find a solution for every client, making our bail bond services the most ideal in the industry – personalized low monthly payment plans based on the client’s financial situation.

We understand how stressful and flustered you must feel when you learn a loved one has been arrested. You’re never expected to have to deal with bail and we will continue to keep that task from you as much as possible. We’ll take care of the paperwork; we’ll take care of the processing with the jail. You take care of your loved one.

Don’t fear our bail agents at Bloomington Bail Bonds Store. They are regular people doing regular jobs, and they we love what they do – getting people out of jail and reuniting them with their friends and family. We WANT to help you.

Bloomington Bail Bonds Store’ bail agents are the best in the business, call 760-241-2245 now.

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