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Don’t you love days spent with your loved ones? Playing a sport, beating each other at video games, going shopping, dining together, drinking together, just hanging out together no matter what you’re doing. Don’t you love those days?

Bring your loved one home from jail so you can have more of those fun times together! You can’t make fun memories with one of you sulking in jail and the other bored at home. You don’t want your friend to miss out on all the other times you go out. You hate that your friend is in jail.

You can totally do something to get him or her out, though, and that’s to help coordinate a bail bond with us at Rialto Bail Bonds Store. Our professional and licensed bail agents will work with you and your friend on an affordable bail payment plan. The premium we charge is 10%, lower than many other bail companies. Plus, we don’t ask for interest or a down!

So, call Rialto Bail Bonds Store soon at 760-241-2245 so we can complete all the necessary paperwork (we can do everything over the phone). Your friend will be out of jail and back hanging out with you in no time. And now that he or she is out, it would be a good idea to also keep an eye on them as well and make sure they don’t get into more trouble.

Bail help is only a phone call away at Rialto Bail Bonds Store, call 760-241-2245 now.

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