Don’t Let The Travel Bug Get You Into Jail Elsewhere!

Don’t Let The Travel Bug Get You Into Jail Elsewhere!

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You’ve caught the travel bug this warm season and you think you’ve got your prepping and packing on lock. But we will bet you’re not thinking about one thing that can either make or break your trip: the laws that govern the place you’re visiting!

As a general rule you know that what’s right and wrong in your hometown is likely similar to where you’re traveling. However there may be additional strict rules you’re unaware of and there may be more law rules. For example, in California, it is illegal to text and drive. In Montana, it is legal to do this. In California, people wear minimal clothing and revealing clothing all the time. But in other countries where the weather is hotter, visitors can get in trouble for wearing short shorts and a tank top.

Getting in trouble in your hometown is problematic enough but when you’re a visitor and you get in trouble, your situation gets messier. Make sure you do your proper research when you prepare for your trip. Brief yourself on the language (written and body), the culture, what’s proper and what’s not. You don’t want to find yourself for getting arrested on something you genuinely were not aware of!

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