Dos And Don’ts When You Are Arrested

Dos And Don’ts When You Are Arrested

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You probably would know that it is best to have a lawyer when you are arrested. And if you know that, then you probably know not to speak to anyone else other than your lawyer about your case. There are many more wise dos and don’ts when it comes to an arrest that can greatly affect the outcome for you. Do you know these that will benefit you more than not?

• Remain silent unless your lawyer is present.
• Remain calm and respectful with the police, the court, and your lawyer.
• Get witness information so they can back you up.
• Document any injuries you have with photos and seek medical attention.
• Take note of officer names, badge numbers, and patrol cars if possible.
• Let your attorney deal with the police and prosecutors.

• Don’t answer any interrogation questions without your lawyer present.
• Don’t resist arrest, even if you are innocent. Don’t touch or attempt to touch any officers either as it can lead to more charges.
• Don’t try and run or hide from the police.
• Don’t welcome the police to search you, your possessions, or your property without a warrant.

By choosing to exercise your full rights and follow these, you are preparing yourself well for your case and it will likely not run into trouble or problems. However if you do not wish to take these points of advice your case may not be as strong as it could be otherwise.

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This means you can return home until you need to stand in court. This is time to also build your case with your lawyer.