How To Get Your Loved One Released On Own Recognizance

How To Get Your Loved One Released On Own Recognizance

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After getting arrested, most people will be asked to pay bail in order to be released, some are not offered bail and must stay in jail, and some will be released on “own recognizance.” Being released on own recognizance means they do not have to pay anything to the court. They simply sign a form, promising to show up in court whenever he or she is scheduled.

You have a loved one who was just arrested. How can you make sure he or she is released on own recognizance?

Unfortunately, it is not up to you to decide this; it is the judge’s decision. The judge will evaluate the defendant’s options (bail, jail, own recognizance) based on certain criteria: the crime that was committed, a criminal history if there is one, their ties to the community and relationships with people in the community, and how much of a threat they are to the public.

Once the judge makes his or her decision, it’s pretty final. The defendant may request the judge to reconsider, but it is very unlikely he or she will change the original ruling. It is important to understand that the judge does not determine this based on his or her own opinions. There are guidelines and rulebooks that all judges follow.

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