How Your Bail Can Be Cheaper

How Your Bail Can Be Cheaper

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It’s rare that a judge will lower a bail amount once it’s been set, but there are a couple of ways to know whether you have been given a high or low bail amount for the particular crime you committed:

  • Criminal History.  If you’ve never had a brush with the law prior to this incident, you are more likely to have a lower bail amount. Current offenders who routinely get into trouble will get a more expensive consequence each time.
  • Community Relationships.  Having strong relationships to people within your community like family, co-workers is an advantage. It means you are less likely to skip town and your court hearing. Someone who is a nobody to their community can leave town and no one would notice or care.

Understandably, even if you have no criminal history and have many strong community ties, bail will still be expensive. If you need help paying this, consider us at Victorville Bail Bonds. Rather than paying the full bail amount to the court, you can pay us 10% of the amount, and we will take care of the rest. Granted, the full bail amount paid to the court can be refunded as long as you show up to court, but the 10% paid to us will not be. Nonetheless, clients who have used our services before have acknowledged and appreciated that our bail bond services are much more affordable than paying for bail on their own.

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