Responsibilities Of A Cosigner

Responsibilities Of A Cosigner

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If you have no problem being persistent, direct, and honest with a loved one when absolutely necessary, then perhaps being a loved one’s cosigner is for you.

What we mean is that if someone you know gets arrested, and they contact Victorville Bail Bonds for a bail agent, the bail agent may need to have someone cosign the bail bond. The cosigner is responsible for a few things:

  • Making sure the defendant appears in court when ordered.
  • Making sure the defendant notifies their bail agent of the next court appearance.

If the defendant fails to do this, the cosigner would be responsible for paying the full bail amount.

As a cosigner, you will need to pledge collateral like money or property, which gets returned to you as long as you make sure the defendant goes to court.

It may not seem fair to put a cosigner in this position with so much responsibility and so much of their money and property on the line. This is why cosigners also have rights of their own to protect. If the cosigner believes the defendant will not appear in court, the cosigner can contact the bail agent and ask the bond to be withdrawn. The cosigner may also request stipulations before signing, such as asking the defendant to undergo drug testing or a mental health evaluation.

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Our job is to bail people out of jail so defendants can protect their rights but it is also very important to us that we help cosigners protect their rights and make sure they know all the steps involved in the process. We are on both sides here because like both sides, we want to make sure the defendant gets out of jail quickly and properly.