Tell Yourself You Need Help

Tell Yourself You Need Help

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Accepting the fact that you need help from another person is the first step to turning your life around – and truly make progress. It’s hard for someone to give another their help when they will only reject it. How long will it take you to realize you need someone’s help and are willing to let them help you?

The men and women who sit in prison are the ones who waited too long. They missed their first opportunity to avoid their current fate. They still have hope and options but it is much more difficult when they are behind bars for years, now. They do not get to see or talk to their loved ones nearly as much as they want to, and know they must do so with high security and zero privacy. They do not work and earn an income to support themselves and family. They get no enjoyable activities. Their life is dull and gray.

By opening up to loved ones and accepting that you need and want their help will steer you away from that gloomy situation. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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