“I had no idea what I was doing in this situation and after calling around, I was starting to get a bad taste in my mouth about this type of service. I called Victorville Bail Bonds® at around 10:30pm. I spoke to the agent, had a heart-to-heart with him. I had 3 children at home in bed and he offered to not only assist our family, he offered to drive to our house and write up the paperwork immediately. Victorville Bail Bonds ® took a chance on me and for that, I am thankful.

“The urgency they created to help me out is the only way a business should be run. I will definitely be paying this wonderful gesture forward. Thank you again.”

– Martha F. of Hollywood


“Victorville Bail Bonds® thank you for your professionalism and working with my family to get me out of custody. Even though I hope to never experience this again, I would definitely recommend you to anyone that I know that has been arrested.”

– Diana V. of Los Angeles


“I was driving around looking for a bail bondsman when a family member was in jail. My wife and I saw your friendly office. Your Agent was fantastic. He got my loved one out fast. We were very happy with your fast service and friendly atmosphere.”

– George D. of Bakersfield


“I’ve had to use you before and needed you again. Of course I came back to you because your bail agents are friendly and patient.”

– Kimberly of Bakersfield


“When I talked to your bail agent on the phone, she was very informative and so pleasant. At the office, your clerk was organized, helpful and kind. I didn’t expect a bail agent to treat me like a human being. I have been telling all my friends and family how great your service is.”

– Lillian M. Of Lancaster


“I was trying to bail out my son and other bail bonds companies would not help him. I called your office and you made everything easy. My experience with your agents was excellent. I would definitely use your services again if ever I needed to.”

– Alvin T. of Long Beach


“When my son was in jail I liked how your bail agents treated me on the phone. You got my son out quickly.”

– Ruben F. of Fresno