The Difference Between Being A Good Friend And A Best Friend

The Difference Between Being A Good Friend And A Best Friend

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You’ve probably heard the saying that goes something like you can have a hundred friends but you should only be able to count your best friends with one hand. Something like that. And there’s a reason for that because the difference between being a good friend and a best friend can mean your whole life, literally.

A good friend will back you up in altercations but a best friend will pull you back. Your best friend will let you yell at them for making them stand down.

A good friend will share homework and test answers with you but a best friend will make you figure it out yourself. He or she will help you.

A good friend will go drink-for-drink with you but a best friend will stop at their limit and make you stop at yours too. They also won’t let you drive home.

A good friend will give you space when you ask them to leave you alone and you’re constantly getting into trouble but a best friend will be stubborn and make you talk to them. They’ll help you as much as they can, even if it means seeking professional help too.

Are you understanding the difference? Can you pinpoint those who you can rely on during your peaks but also your valleys, your lowest times? When you’re at your worst, let your best friends keep pushing to help you. And when you finally get out of your slump and back at the top of your game, remember to be the best friend to someone else. Having a best friend and being a best friend can seriously be the tipping point that decides your fate.

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