What To Expect At Your First Court Appearance – As A Defendant

What To Expect At Your First Court Appearance – As A Defendant

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Appearing in court for the first time (especially as a defendant rather than a juror) is intimidating. It’s like the first day at a new school – but worse. All eyes will be on you. Make sure you know what is going to happen at your first court appearance so as to not look like a fool, since you are already being critiqued for your supposed actions that landed you in this predicament.

  1. Arraignment.  This is when you, the judge, and the court are formally read the charges against you. You will respond with your plea (guilty, not guilty).
  2. Bail hearing.  The judge will announce to you and the court what you must pay in order to be released from jail during this time. This is bail and its sum is based on certain factors like any prior criminal history, severity of crime, and your connections to the community. Under special circumstances may a judge grant you to be released on own recognizance, meaning you do not have to pay.

Don’t give up hope after hearing the cost of your bail. Not everyone is expected to be able to afford it on their own, which is why Victorville Bail Bonds is willing to help you (and any other person in your situation) out. We make bail more affordable with our low monthly payments and zero interest. We work quickly to get you out as soon as possible.

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